Sunday 14 February 2010

Sunday, 14 February 2010 - Yarramundi

NicMcVic, Mark S and Stephe made it to Yarramundi, on what had promised to be a very, very wet old day, but which turned out to have no rain at all.

[For those that remained in bed (and you know who you are, and hopefully feel a little guilty about your lift sitting outside your garage as you lay in bed...), it was a pity you didn't make it!]

Despite the lack of rain, there was still plenty of water about, and in some sections we would have to start walking to the bikes had we remained there much longer, to avoid any further erosion of the track.  Nonetheless, it was still a very jolly great hoot.

Bumped into a dude who apparently came 12th in the JetBlack 24hr the previous weekend at Wisemans Ferry (we were impressed!), as he was trying to convince his companion to join him for a forthcoming four hour race.  Afraid we were not hugely supportive of that endevour.

Group photo here (Nic, Mark, JetBlack dude, JetBlack dude's companion):

Mark was on fire for the day, NicMcVic showing that each week she gets better and better, and Stephe retired with equipment failure after 2.5laps, with water sending grit down the derailleur cable (hmmm, I thought this was supposed to be the 'good stuff') which ended up preventing any shifting at all.

Despite the small setbacks, there were still some pretty flowers out:

Photos up here, and .kmz of the bits we managed here (a mere 21kms, but it was fun).


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