Sunday 31 January 2010

Sunday 31 January 2010 - Redhill / Oxford Falls loop

Peter and Stephe had a little sleep in, and kicked off at the car park outside Academy of Sport at 7.15am for a short sharp Redhill / Oxford Falls loop.  Had the pleasure of being joined by Bruno, who runs very quickly and effortlessly for long distances (!).

Turns out that we only travelled 17kms... ah well, at least it was fun (perhaps all the effort of avoiding any closed NPWS trails shortened the route). Stephe managed a quick OTB at the same point on the Redhill rocks where he previously split his lip (at least this outcome was better), with Peter doing an impressive 'over backwards' on a subsequent tricky climb section.

Good news is we were reminded of our fallibility, without too high a cost...

Was a hoot. Not many photos (those that there were, are here).


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