Sunday, 14 March 2010

Sunday 14 March 2010 - Yarramundi

As part of the ongoing guided tour of Sydney rides, Shov, Darcey, Cooper, Ethan and Stephe all ventured West to Yarramundi, quite late on a Sunday afternoon.

A couple of early falls set the pace, and caused some grief (including a DNF from Ethan - hence, sadly missing from the late in the lap photo).

But, the rest of the ride was a pleasure, followed by a 'hot lap' by Shov and Stephe (well, if you look closely at the .kmz file, you'll perhaps see that 'hot lap' might be a little optimistic!).

Was fun, and the track was in great condition.  Looking forward to the rest of the 'series'!

Photos here, .kmz file of the track here.


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