Sunday 10 April 2011

10 April 2011 - Tathra

Ben, CJ, Cooper, Imo and Stephe at various points had a chance to play around on the fantastic single track created at Tathra.

It was so enjoyable, that we collected no photos, other than two of the younger folk when we got back to the accommodation.

There are some excellent links on the web to the Tathra single track, and our .kmz tracks are here (the first little explore), the second one (where we got lost) and the third (where we just did the intro downhill and return).

A quick snapshot of Cooper and Imo:

And a bit of footage of Cooper rolling down the driveway for amusement (click on the image for the movie, it's a biggish file, so wait a while!):

Need to get back down there again, and do a few circuits of the full track!


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