Saturday 10 September 2011

10 September 2011 - Mooney

Mooney is unreal.

A truly pleasurable experience dropping by - both on those days when the Gods are with you, but also even when things do not go like clockwork.

The smells, the sounds, the sights - all add up to a really enjoyable time on the bike, with lots of challenges thrown in for good measure.

Doug and Stephe were up early for a return trip, 'testing the water' to see if Mooney was still as it used to be... turns out, it was even better!

Some work had been done on the lower reaches of the track, for example, this is what smartarse creek now looks like (not much scope for being caught out trying to be a bit cheeky here now...):

But, pretty much all the other challenges remain, for example, Stephe getting the crossing wrong:

The dam was full and nice to see the water flowing, and the track remained quite wet further up - but still great. Some quick shots:

We also shot some Contour footage, which will get up on YouTube and post here shortly.

A few photos here... and our .kmz track here.


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