Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Tuesday 19 December 2006 - Manly Dam

Ah, the opportunity to have a quick lap of Manly Dam proved irresistable this evening to Rob and Stephe (and entirely resistable to the two hundred or so other people who were invited by Rob and Stephe, but didn't turn up!).

There was a light rain, which was good - not too slippery, and cool enough. It also helped to dampen down some of the sand on the new graded sections.

Stephe discovered that the combination of the new crankset / rings with the old chain was not good for some forceful crunching up the rocks behind the golf course (ouch, to all the nice new teeth on the rings!). Rob discovered just how slow Stephe can be when Christmas lunches get consumed...

Rob's profile is here (check out the heart rate when he went for a hoot for the last kilometre or so!). It was a short ride, not too aggressive, but useful for clearing the early week cobwebs out of the system... The Manly Dam profile is also a good 'un.

Just under an hour, for just under 10km - an excellent way to spend the time!


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