Sunday, 19 November 2006

Sunday 19 November 2006 - Redhill and Oxford Falls

A great day - marred by the absence of Doug (injury last week keeping him on tarmac), Whisperer (working too hard at the moment to have any fun), Rees (having too much fun at the moment, to be able to wake up with a clear head!), and Ed (bike repairs required)... (many others without current excuse notes from their mums!).

But, T-Bone, Brian and Stephe did manage to go back and visit the scene of the incident which led to Stephe's long absence - the great Redhill / Oxford Falls loop.

It was fun, fun, fun.

No photos or gps, I'm afraid - but we did discover a new track - meeting up with locals Kevin and Jamie as Brian was repairing the pinch flat that inevitably results from a roll down Red Rock.

Kevin showed us the "Rim Track" (I think that's what he called it), leading from the top of the track just before the famous Redhill technical section, back to the middle of the south western climb out of Sport & Rec...

That track was a hoot, and we were sad to farewell Kevin and Jamie as we headed back to the original loop - and they headed off homeward bound.

The Redhill rocks were fun - some intelligence appeared to be applied to the riskier sections, but then immediately eliminated as one or other of T-Bone, Brian and Stephe would provoke the others into imitating their latest initiativesā€¦ (T-Bone gets the award for doing what seemed to be the dumbest (ie scariest) move of the day over a rock ledge, then demonstrating that it was actually a well planned ramp).

Lots of good solid attempts on tricky bits followed, and a very close run effort into Deep Creek, although ultimately no-one managed to pull off the whole thing (with Stephe finally getting a dose of maturity at what is now (tragically) going to be called Wimp Rock ā€“ as both T-Bone and Brian rolled effortlessly over the entrance to the Creek).

All in all, yet another great day in the saddle ā€“ albeit with fitness being sorely tested.

Old Great North Road next week is going to be a real challenge (but sure to be fun!).


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