Thursday 7 December 2006

Thursday 7 December 2006 - Oxford Falls fire trail

Today was an introduction to the joy of mountain bike riding for Mary-Ellen (Mel). Mel was joined by Rob, Stephe, and T-Bone, who did their very best not to be bad hosts...

We set out from Morgan Road at 8am (ish! there was lots of dagging about early on, for no readily apparent reason), and had the pleasure of a good day, with low cloud but no rain.

The ride was pretty straightforward - straight down the fire trail, past the aerodrome, down the hill to Deep Creek, then straight up the big hills at the end. We conquered the hills - you never really remember quite how bad they are until you're back on them, but we fought hard, although no-one can claim to have made the first one, unfortunately. We stopped for a moment at the top of the chute down to Wakehurst Parkway, for a quick view and photo op.

Then we turned around and came back!

All in all, a pretty straightforward ride, but time to check out the various views along the way - and to be impressed with Mel's commitment to giving it a go (including numerous (successful) attempts to kick off halfway up a hill and finish it off).

T-Bone had a flat (because a ride without a T-Bone flat wouldn't be a ride now, would it!).

On the way back, Rob also made T-Bone join him for a quick loop of the XC circuit - although it was apparently relatively peaceful!

Photos here, and Rob's GPS data etc here... Some samples below:


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