Sunday, 18 March 2007

Sunday 18 March 2007 - Redhill / Oxford Falls

Despite the fact that Doug and Rees chose to road ride instead (what is that about?!), we got a small group together for an excellent Redhill / Oxford Falls loop.

Meeting at Sport & Rec, Matt P., Brian and Stephe were pleased to welcome T-Bone back to riding after an unreasonably long absence... It was good to have his limitless enthusiasm back in the group!

The day was perfectly overcast, so that temperatures were reasonable, although it was a bit muggy. With the water on the track, we each had a few of the "no, I am not going to be coerced into doing that bit of track" moments (other than T-Bone, who lacks that necessary element of brain function that comes with grey hair!).

That said, once we'd crossed over to Oxford Falls side, we still managed to do the Northern drop into Deep Creek, from the Road to Nowhere. It was fun as always, with a range of styles from smoothly elegant, to ugly sliding... By the time we'd made it that far, T-Bone's lack of match fitness was beginning to show, which managed to bring him back down to our level...

Matt P. took on everything with his usual aplomb, but we were pleased to have been able to at least put one or two of the climbs over him (just desperately clinging to any possible chance of not being at the very back of the pack!).

Stephe tried Wimp Rock one more time, at the entry to Deep Creek - and one more time exited the bike in a fairly ugly way. Ah, one day....

A great ride, and one we should certainly do more regularly! No photos, GPS, or anything else I'm afraid - other than great memories of another great ride...


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