Sunday 28 January 2007

Sunday 28 January 2007 - Tooling around Oxford Falls

Ah, about time we had a real disaster on our hands... Today was supposed to be a newbie day, and we had planned a relatively gentle local ride, with some exploration thrown in for good measure (in theory, finding the 'missing link' from the old Oxford Falls tracks just before Morgan Road, to the downhill track from the Bahai Temple).

Alas and alack, it was not to be. Our newbie turned out to need confirmation that the ride was on (oops, should have thought of that!), and so didn't turn up.

Doug, Brian, Rees, Joe, Ed and Stephe were starters (good to have both Joe and Ed back for a ride occasionally), and figured we'd press on with the original plan anyway, to try and find anything interesting...

Well, it turns out there *isn't* anything interesting down that set of trails. Some fairly dull fire trail that meanders down and around a creek at the bottom. The only interesting looking bit was a climb straight up the side of the valley which, after much consternation / discussion / mutiny proposals, we attempted to walk up... It was a long, slow, hot hike-a-bike section, and at the top was a boring section of 2km fire trail leading to Mona Vale Road.

By this time, Brian's bursitis had started giving him serious grief, Rees needed to be home, and generally, we wussed it - rode back along the tarmac to Morgan Road and prepared to go home.

An overview of the meander, and the profile:

To add insult to injury, Joe then decided we were such pea hearts that he shot off for a lap of the XC circuit around Oxford Falls on his own!!

The photo and plot are here...


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