Sunday 25 February 2007

Sunday 25 February 2007 - Redhill / Oxford Falls / Deep Creek loop

Although the potentially wet weather (and a birthday party) kept the crowd away, Doug, Paul and Stephe had a great Redhill / Oxford Falls loop - and the weather (of course) remained perfect the entire way - nicely overcast, not too muggy, and most of the rocks relatively clean from the recent rain, so not too dangerous.

We started at Sport & Rec, did all the Redhill technical stuff, across the road to Oxford Falls and up the single track, then along the cross country track, down to the dam, taking the firetrail to drop into Deep Creek, and along the creek back to Sport & Rec.

All in all, a short 16km blast with much fun along the way (check the profile here).

Given the earlier rain, we were a little circumspect around some of the bigger drops, but did give the run into Deep Creek a good nudge (failing to roll through the rocky gorge, unfortunately!), but Stephe did finally manage (on the second attempt, the first one almost ending in tears) to get down Wimp Rock - but no T-Bone around to goad him into trying it again.

There are a couple of short clips of Paul climbing the rock half way along Deep Creek - for example, this one (the others are not quite so elegant!).

A great little run - and one to remember for an evening blast perhaps?

Photos, short movie clips, and profile etc all here, with some excerpts below (but, sadly, none of Doug):


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