Sunday, 17 July 2005

Sunday 17 July 2005 – Redhill loop

Well, that was an interesting diversion! Skipped Old North Road, in favour of a short one. Started at Sport & Rec, went straight up the hill, and rode around a bit longer before we got on to Whisperer’s singles track back to the rocky bits. Had some fun on the rocks, although Brian was feeling a little less self confident than he has in recent rides (perhaps it was all that soft snow last week, that highlighted just how hard the ground is looking these days!). Then cruised across to the Oxford Falls side, and had a fairly good run up the singles track to the road, and a very necessary morning tea break…

For variety (and to keep Doug cranky and on edge!), on the way home we explored the alternative route down to the falls at Duck Pond Creek (is that what it’s called?), which was an absolute hoot – lots of ‘rideable’ rocky bits, which we managed to munge up fairly badly. In any case, could be lots of fun for future rides down to the Creek, although we may need to sedate Doug first (despite his clear skills advantage, he continues to insist on walking down anything bigger than a single step – yet still does 100km/h down loose rocks at Mooney – go figure!).

A quick scoot along the creek, and then back to Sport & Rec. All in all, quite a pleasant and quick outing.

Photos here, but here are some previews (including the snazzy new Google Earth satellite image!):


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