Sunday, 3 July 2005

Sunday 3 July 2005 – Mooney (but, alas, not “the bucket”)

Bah humbug. With so much promise, we achieved so little. Started out ratty (at around 4.5degrees!), in what was a fairly beautiful background – lush and green, with enough water on the ground to make it interesting, but not too much to cause any great problems. But we never really got our collective act together. By the time we’d done the climb, and arrived at the water tanks, the joint wisdom was that ‘the bucket’ should be left for another day.

So, we quickly did the little singles track, and then headed back down. The trip down was, as ever, an absolute blast – enhanced by the fact that Brian completely lost his mind and did around 100km/h down the slippery wet slope, with us chasing him like madmen. That there were no injuries says more about the existence of a higher being, than our skills…

Managed to make it almost all the way home before coming off in a rock bed puddle – sad, cold, shin sore, home we went cleaned up, and dreamed of doing this right one day!!

And, to top it off – still no GPS / profile action, just a map. Photos here, but some of note below:


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