Wednesday, 6 September 2006

Sunday 3 September 2006 - Beacon Hill

At around 7:00am a group of 5 keen riders (Doug, Rees, Whisperer, Darrel and T-Bone) met on Lady Penrhyn Dr for the first ride of spring. Nature was clearly showing off as all could see that the day was nothing short of perfect. Sun shining, flowers blooming and the air so crisp and fresh (sigh...ed).

The group made their way to the dirt jumps and admired the amount of hard work that went into building such a playground, and how much skill would be required to ride this playground. After such ponderings and eagerness to start the ride, the group gathered as one to take the obligatory pre-ride group shot and even though one of the crew was missing; Stephe, he was there in spirit.

With the photo taken the group made their way up the first set of hills. Rees’ and T-Bone’s bike’s had a few derailleur problems, so the admired Whisperer gave them “the touch” and not a single gear skipped for the rest of the ride.

The ride definitely had a laid back feel to it as we travelled at a relatively easy pace and spared time to take in the scenery and the superb day. Such wonderful sights reinforced to all group members the reason why they got up at the insane time of 6am on a Sunday.

Rees was in fine form, strutting his stuff as the group came down from the top of the hill. Rees rode off some nice roll offs and drops including the infamous roll off that gave Stephe a split lip only weeks before. Hopefully this new found confidence and finesse will continue. The “coffin” as it is affectionately known did teach Rees a very impressive lesson in gravity (and landscaping). Doug went ahead to take photos and as the group watched as Rees negotiated a very difficult section of track, the forks compressed and the front wheel bit into the rocks hard. Rees launched himself over the handle bars and made a tunnel deep into the bushes. No injury, bike fine and five laughing was the result.


(Hurry back Stephe...ed)

Photos, tracks, profile here , with some samples below - and this video....


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