Sunday, 27 August 2006

Sunday 27 August 2006 - Mooney

What a beautiful morning for mountain bike riding, the birds were singing and the air was crisp and clean, alas we were a few riders short but the enthusiasm of the four made up for it. We set off at a blistering pace with Doug leading the way showing no signs of his back injury closely followed by Ed, Rees and Robin all heading to our first photo shoot at the bridge.

Every one must have been a little tired today because the hills that we usually go up with not too much difficulty seemed to be very challenging - and there was a lot of feet touching the ground.

The ride to the oranges was fairly uneventful just our normal ride, the ride back was a lot more fun though, Ed, Rees and Robin tackled Brian's rock with no problems at all and Ed and Robin went down the hard way.

Ed was on fire on the way back he was very hard to keep up with he rode like a person possessed , he even tried to ride through the water where the over bridge is but failed miserably but made it up by doing some very dramatic poses for the web site.

This was Robin's first ride to Mooney and overall it was a great ride and I think Robin really enjoyed it , he will be back for more.


Photos, track, profile here


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