Sunday, 18 June 2006

Sunday 18 June (morning) - Redhill / Oxford Falls / Deep Creek

The morning started with a calculated, callous, malicious attempt by an un-named ex riding buddy to disrupt the ride (you know who you are) a result the Mooney/Bucket plan had to be abandoned.

Shrugging this off, Ed, Rees, T-Bone and Doug enjoyed a short but very enjoyable "standard" RedHill and Aerodrome loop. The absence of prima donnas meant that the group was burdened only by the weight of all the food we carried (which was meant to fuel a Bucket ride), so the lap time seemed short. Ed shone (as only Ed can), T-Bone showed flair and his usual casual boy-ish control, while Rees's enduring optimism, inner peace and an increasingly enthusiastic attitude to hill charging was, as always, an inspiration.

Photos, GPS, Satellite (and a couple of short movies, with Ed and T-Bone looking gooood!).

Ed being Ed (3mb)


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